Saturday, 30 August 2014

Character requests

Okay, following my request for anyone who would like to be in the follow up to Hellbound, here are the lucky individuals (or unlucky depending on what I decide to do to/with them).

In no particular order -

Rebecca Sill - suggested reporter; I think I can do that!!

Beverley Brown - willing victim; sold

Natalie O'Hagan - haven't decided but happy for suggestions!!

Marie (Maz) - can easily fit a mad character in

Joanne Charlton - have a perfect exposition character for you

Louise Hunter - something special for you I think Lou!!

Lyndsey Currie - had a think, but struggled to work out how I could fit a silent but deadly hypnotic witch (your suggestion) into the fairly grounded plot…will try and work something out

Andy Phillips - bent police officers are always welcome. Not certain about a redemptive arc…plays much better that you're just dodgy!!! But can certainly have you uncover something pivotal!!

Kelly - you already have a little role in Hellbound, however if i do a time travel storyline I can have you meet yourself (two Kelly's...the mind boggles!)

I think that would about cover it. Alongside the characters who have to be involved from Hellbound anymore and I will be overcrowding ala Spiderman 3 and Batman and Robin (bad example I realise).

As Louise and Kelly can attest, some of the victims who met their fates at Obadiah's hands in Hellbound were granted an unpleasant death, though many were pretty straightforward, nothing exciting but served their purpose.

Everyone will have a chance to see their character profile before hand (no changing name, sex or dominant hand use). I am currently working on the prequel novella so it will be later this year'early next year but worth the wait I promise!!

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