Sunday, 31 August 2014

Prequel update

1 - The beat sheet for the Hellbound prequel with the working title 'In Extremis' is almost finished and looking good.

'In Extremis' will be a short story detailing the birth of one of the pivotal characters in Hellbound and will be set around one of histories most important and recognised figures (the cover gives a clue if you can work it out but not to the character it is concerning, only one involved in the story…a good one mind) and…that's about all I can say with out giving anything anyway and inadvertently spoiling Hellbound!!!

2 - One the sequel note (prequel, sequel..can you get a threequel?), 'Limbo State; Book Two in the Hellbound trilogy is in it's early stages of being drafted. I have the story framework, my antagonist who may well be worse than Obadiah Stark and raft of interesting characters thanks to your good selves!!

C - I have a nearly completed beat sheet for my other novel 'Pathogenicity' which will be a stand alone story and deal with a highly developed infection (something close to my heart and topical at the moment given all the Ebola concerns)  a conspiracy (what else!!) and the possibility that it means something more terrifying for its host than simply a fever and bad skin!!! The story takes the reader from the days of Florence Nightingale up the the present day and should have some nice body horror aspects to it (think The Fly crossed with Outbreak with a little Three Days of Condor thrown in).

Once 'In Extremis' is completed, 'Limbo State' will be next followed by 'Pathogenicity'. Should keep me out of trouble for a while.

(The 1,2,C thing is a Doctor Who reference...I know, geek!)

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