Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mrs Vyle - a review of a fellow BNBS's book!!

Last week I received a copy of one of my fellow Britain's Next Bestseller author books - Mrs Vyle by James Hallsworth. Beautifully illustrated by Helen Braid, it tells the story of a strange new school teacher who seems to the children just a little...odd.

My 7 year old son, Jake, loved it from the start, especially the rhyming humour and colourful illustrations. So far, we have read it every night but this has yet to become repetitive as the manner in which James has lyrically joined the text together means on every reading you can find new ways and iterations to tell the story.

Mrs Vyle is a very clever children's book which not only is a fun tale but also holds a moral tale for children, something I imagine is difficult to achieve but something James has succeeded in perfectly. 

If you have children I highly recommend to seek out a copy of Mrs Vyle - you will not be disappointed!!! 

(one happy Jakey reading Mrs Vyle!!)

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