Sunday, 12 April 2015

Exciting times...

So, I have been fortunate enough this year to not only be invited to Crossing the Tees literary festival
 in Teesside but also to be given the opportunity to sit on a panel at Newcastle Noir on the 2nd May.

Newcastle Noir ( is a two day event organised by the wonderful Jackie Collins and features workshops, walks, talks and panel discussions with some of the best crime writers around...and me.

I will be on the Gangsters and Gangs panel with the extremely talented Phillip J. Howard and Steve Wraith, with this panel following a panel upon which Mark Billingham is sat!! Scared Cat is one of my favourite crime novels, Thorne one of my favourite detectives so the whole day could;t get any more awesome.

Add to this, Tesco contacting me and agreeing to stock Hellbound, it still being on display and selling reasonably well in Guisbrough Book Shop and being available in W H Smith and you could say that the whole dream is getting bigger and better. 'In Extremis' (the Hellbound novella prequel) is nearly finished in first draft form (with proof reading help from the fantastic Jill Weinstein), I have made a good and ridiculously talented new friend in the form of author Karen Charlton, was contacted by Shirley Harrison, author of The Diary of Jack the Ripper, and who said she would be happy to ready 'In Extremis' (the reasons for her involvement hold a clue in the book she wrote!!!), been able to speak to the amazing Karen Long whose books I love (check out The Safe Word...wish I thought of the premise!!!! Amazing book) and have fantastic supporters in the form of Louise Hunter aka Crime Book Club and One Shoe Fits and Emily Hercock who is forever promoting and suggesting Hellbound and to whom I am also so very grateful. Add to that, the wonderful Julie Spiller, author of The Cornubian' mentioned me in the acknowledgements of her book which was probably the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me, Julie Timlin ask me to write a little blurb for the reverse of her excellent follow up novel 'Phoebe Wren and the Mystery of Darken Abbey, available to preorder here, (, Bekki Pate added my blurb to the back of The Willow Tree (which still takes some getting used to when I see it and this book deserves to be read by the way...get it ordered!!!) and this continuing author journey continues to be magical.

The only thing I need to do is deserve it. I donated the money from my book launch to MAIN - the autistic charity, I am trying very hard to ensure 'In Extremis' is at least worthy of people's attention in order to be worthy of their time and support for Hellbound in the first place and want to make certain I give something back.

This may all be so fleeting, and I can only promise that, whilst I may be the Chesney Hawkes of authors (but everyone loves 'The One and Only') I will continue to do what I can to help support a worthy charity that is close to my heart, will continue to support all my authors friends where I can and will try to ensure that anything I write is at least enjoyable and worthy of your money ('In Extremis' will be a pound on Kindle so keeping it affordable!)

Money and fame are always considered nice when you think about becoming an author (still haven't gotten used to but the best feeling in the world is when that one person says 'I read your book...didn't think I would enjoy it but I thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it...couldn't put it down'.

That makes it all worth while....definitely.