Monday, 8 June 2015

Escape Life’s Daily Stresses by Plunging Into a Monster-Filed Subglacial Lake - special guest post by New York times Bestselling Author Steve Alten

Lake Vostok is located in East Antarctica, buried beneath 13,000 feet of ice. That’s 2.5 miles of frozen water squeezing a liquid lake. Vostok has remained unspoiled for over 15 million years. And it’s big - over 6,000 square miles. The water is warmed to 60-degrees by hydrothermal vents, making it a perfect habitat for monsters. Oh yeah, there’s this powerful magnetic anomaly at the bottom of the lake that has been baffling scientists for over a decade.
Sound like a fun vacation spot? 
VOSTOK (Rebel Press) is a new page-turning thriller written by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten. Alten says he wrote VOSTOK so that hard, overworked Dads like this father of two have someplace to seek refuge from their own daily stresses. “I often find myself overwhelmed by endless bills, not enough money, a daughter in college, a son entering middle school, and a wife whose job is to remind me of all-the-above. I also have to deal with Parkinsons Disease. The joy of reading a thriller is that one’s mind can become swallowed up in a story – offering a temporary haven to allow your mind to escape. A taut thriller like VOSTOK will also put your challenges in perspective. To me, that’s the key to life’s challenges – realizing that every one of us has them, and that we wouldn’t trade ours for someone who has it much worse… like the characters in VOSTOK.”
VOSTOK’s lead character is Zachary Wallace. Zach’s marriage is on the throes of divorce and he’s a first-time father. Needless to say, this marine biologist is overwhelmed by challenges. An opportunity to resolve his debt while attaining fame arrive with an offer to explore Lake Vostok with an alluring female scientist and a sub pilot with questionable motives aboard a 3-man laser-equipped submersible. Poor Zach. The moment he splashes down he finds himself trying to escape monsters, mayhem… and his destiny.
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