Sunday, 13 September 2015

Preview of The Hangman's Hitch by Donna Marie McCarthy

Occasionally, you can be in a privileged position to read someone's work before it's released. I was in that position when asked to read The Hangman's Hitch by up and coming author Donna Maria McCarthy.

Seeking a publishing deal through the fantastically innovative Britain's Next Bestseller (okay I'm slightly biased as they're my publisher!!)  provided Donna with some challenges but she overcame then to now have her debut novel available for pre order on  and I have to say this is one novel which deserves to be published.

Dealing with 'Fredrick's' meeting and subsequent dealings with the enigmatic and slightly curious Joseph, Hangman takes you on a journey that is both historical and otherworldly in the sense that dialogue and genuine attention to detail of the times and dialect whilst the story draws you into its supernatural undercurrent that is so subtly bubble beneath the surface. This has the very nice effect of leaving you with a sense of unease every time you encounter Fredrick and learn of his plight as he is drawn deep and deeper into an arrangement you know will not end in the most rewarding of ways (the end is both skin tingling and fitting). Add to this a romantic character in the form of Mary and you have a most unusual bizarre love triangle to quote New Order.

I was reminded of Angel Heart for a part of it (one of my favourite films) with a small portion of Supernatural, which thrilled me no end as I love tales with a supernatural angle.

Donna has an sublime skill of mirroring the dialect from the time perfectly with excellent attention to the details of the time period.

Britain's Next Bestseller excel at finding new, raw, exciting and have done it again in the form of one Donna Maria McCarthy. This is one debut novel not to be missed!!

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