Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Great Scott! Future Day is finally here!!

Wow, some of us who are of a certain age have waited a long time for this day (me, 30 years!!).

DeLoreans, Flux Capacitors and Huey Lewis and the News, Back to the Future is one of the greatest films ever made (that's not just my opinion. It frequently tops top ten's of best movies). It is also unique in that it does;t fit into one particular genre. Sci-fi, romance, comfortably straddles each category and hits every note perfectly.

I thought Marty McFly was the coolest teenager ever. I wanted to be him, I wanted to hang off the back of passing trucks and cars (tried it, not recommended, bad times) and I wanted to travel back in time. I mean, who wouldn't?

Everyone knows the legends and myths around its conception and production. Crispin Glover, exceptional as Marty's dad George, had to have a net thrown over him constantly as he was difficult to direct. Michael. J. Fox (FACT 1 - actually Michael A Fox but had to change his initial as there was already another actor with that name) was filming Family Ties at the same time and shot Back to the Future mostly during the night, working on the television show during the day. Sid Sheinberg writing a letter stating he hated the title and preferred 'Spaceman From Pluto' (Spielberg sent a memo back thanking him for the humorous memo knowing that he was too proud to admit it wasn't a joke) and the most famous of all, Eric Stoltz being originally cast as Marty (FACT 2 - Eric Stolz remains in two scenes in the film; the scene where he dives in the Delorean when the Libyans attack and the shot from the rear in the diner where young Biff is preparing to hit him). 

But what we love most of all is the adventure and the timelessness of the whole thing. The burning tires tracks left behind when the DeLorean hits 88 miles per hour, the DeLorean itself (FACT 3 - Michael. J. Fox hated the car and said that he repeatedly hit his head on the door when entering) and the music. The Power of Love...cannot be beaten! 

Even the beginning flawlessly sets up the film’s central themes of time and space, provides heaps of exposition and presents the clock imagery that runs through the entire franchise (all one shot). (FACT 4 - look for one of Doc’s clocks which has a little scientist that looks remarkably like Dr. Emmett L. Brown himself hanging from one of the hands, foreshadowing the scene later).
Alan Silvestri's score (which I bought on C.D a few months ago!) remains fantastic, instantly recognisable and must be one of the all -time greats. I defy you not to get goosebumps when the orchestral swell begins and that theme flies in. 
And of course, the sequels which, though perhaps not as good as the original, are still exceptional and must make it one of the greatest trilogies ever made. They all add something to the narrative as a whole and there is little in the way of filler or wasted lines.
Back to the Future would probably never be made today, primarily as it does't fit into a particular genre. It was most definitely of its time but not because it has dated (FACT 4 - tomorrow Back to the Future Part Two will be set in the past!!!) but because it represents a time when those kinds of films could be made and there was a belief that something wholly original could succeed. 

I'm glad it is of its time as we will never see the like again. And nor should we. This is one film that should never be remade. It is perfect as it is.
Right, I'm off to pop it in the DVD player (Blu-Ray..only way to watch it!). 
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!

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