Thursday, 31 December 2015

In the words of Tori Amos, a Pretty Good Year!!!

So, 2015...where to start?

I only ever dreamt of becoming an author, and despite many (many!!) rejections and challenges on the way, in November 2014 I finally achieved my dream. This was possible because of many (so many!) people, but most notably my Kelly, Steve Alten, Louise Hunter, Rebecca Sill, all my girls at work and, most importantly, my publisher Muriellle Maupoint at Britain's Next Bestseller.

Without her faith in Hellbound, I wouldn't have had the chance to -

  • Interview for my blog the wonderfully talented Julie Spiller, the inspiring Michelle Diane Lowe, the exceptionally gifted Andy Males, the up and coming talent that is Michelle Venn, the amazing, amazing Karen Long, the fascinating and imaginative Paul Ferns and the ridiculous genius that is Bekki Pate
  • Meet and get to know other authors who are talents to look out for such as Donna Marie McCarthy, Diane O'Toole, Lisa Bush, Matthew Luscombe, Chris Tetreault-Blay, Mel Small, Noelle Holten, Lisa Eddom to name but a few...and Murielle of course who was gracious enough to spare some of her time to give a really insightful interview
  • Review some fantastic novels by authors who inspire me to be a better writer, one of whom is Michael Wood (read his debut'd think he had been doing it for years it is THAT good!) and the others whom are Rob Enright and Paddy Magrane (you have to read their debut novels too, One by One and Disorder respectively have to be read to be believed. Outstanding doesn't cover it!)
  • Meet talented friends such as Steve Wraith who, alongside Stephen Sayers, I will be working with on a project for 2016 (which is ridiculously exciting!!!)
  • Have a second book come out on Kindle (In Extremis, which will be out in paperback in the New Year)
  • Start writing my third book, Nameless (or fourth if you count the project with Stephen)
  • Unveil the amazing cover for Nameless designed by the talent that is Silviya Yordanova!
  • Have two of my review quotes end up on fellow authors novels (Julie Timlin and Bekki Pate...thank you! I was honoured!!!)
  • Be invited to present the awards at the 6 Book Challenge 
  • Attend Newcastle Noir organised by the fantastic Jackie Collins
  • Attend Crossing the Tees as a local author
  • Attend author events in Newcastle (which Emma Slaughter travelled hundreds of miles to attend!!), Norton, Middlesbrough...
  • Hold book signings (where people actually turned up whom I hadn't paid!)
  • Work alongside my Lou Lou, who represented me for a time and did a great job...and whom I miss very much
  • Meet wonderfully generous reviewers such as Maxine Groves, Sarah Hardy, Gordon McGhie and Noelle who give so much to authors for so little in return
  • Speak to my local M.P about a reading project for my local area in local libraries 
  • Win an Author of the Year award with my publisher...which was unexpected and still humbles me to this day (I think it was meant for someone else!!!
I had two readers contact me today via Facebook and tell me how much they loved Hellbound. That never ceases to amaze me and makes you feel, as a writer, so privileged to be in such a position that you were able to entertain someone for a short period of time. 

And now the new year approaches and there is plenty to do and look forward too. Counting In Extremis being released in paperback, I will have 3 books out next year. 

Hellbound wasn't perfect. I know this (too excited to get it out and I rushed my proof reading!). I couldn't afford an editor, it was just Kelly and I. But once again, I have a fantastic publisher who has done so much for me so things can be improved. I now have an editor hence In Extremis has no mistakes (or at least I don't think it does!!!).
Despite the odd typo though, I remain very proud of Hellbound and everything it has given the opportunity to do. A little rough around the edges granted, but not bad for a first attempt, I learnt fro my mistakes and it'll still make a cracking movie one day!!!

So, I just wish to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, spoken to me, taken the time to write to me or message me. You are too numerous to mention but I hope you know who you are and what you mean to this humble author. I only exist because of you.

Here's to you all and 2016...I have a feeling it'll be an amazing time for us all. And please continue to support BNBS. You know the quality and there is so much more to me!

See you on the flip side!!!!

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